Two decades of service to government agencies.

Austin, Texas based Neubus Inc. was founded by executives Chris Albury and I-Hsing Tsao to help government agencies increase efficiency, reduce costs, and provide better services by converting their documents to electronic images and data. 

Historically, most national-level imaging and document management providers were "jacks of all trades" leaving large gaps in the expertise, products, and services available to government agencies. At Neubus, we focused on becoming the best at helping under-served government agencies move from paper-based to paperless processes.

We have extensive experience helping agencies capture, store, manage, and share information previously stored on paper and microform.  Our technology platform is based on open systems, and our customized solutions cater to the specific needs of hundreds of state and local government agencies.

Over the last two decades, Neubus' superior knowledge of government imaging projects has helped us earn continued selection as the vendor of choice for state contracts.  Through a rigorous, competitive selection process, Neubus was awarded statewide contracts for imaging with the state of Texas and the state of California, as well contracts with the federal government.

From licensing and regulation to health and human services, our experience covers all aspects of the public sector.  We have made it our business to understand the data and business needs of every agency and built our platform to support any custom requirements you might have. 

To learn more about our services, contact us at 1-877-Y-NEUBUS or today.